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Aftermath of Diwali

     Waste waste everywhere!  This Diwali adds another 1000 tonnes of waste to already producing 4000 tonnes garbage during this festival in Bangalore city.

But on the brighter side, we did witness some of the efforts to combat this issue in the city.

  • Even though people are aware, they just got more conscious about issue, including the government this time. As a direct consequence, we noticed government officials announcing the ban of bursting firecrackers between  0 pm and 6 am in Bangalore, and it did happen this time, in most of the locations at least.
  • Many of them opting noiseless and eco-friendly firecrackers this year. This surely doesn’t make sense in reducing the pollution in any way, but on a positive note, it is an indication that they are at least concerned about the current issue and thinking in right direction. Well, that’s a start 🙂
  • BBMP officials were forbidden to take leave during Diwali. Yes, BBMP directed key employees not to take leave during Diwali to make sure excess garbage was disposed appropriately.
  • Our CM, Mr. Shettar suggests civic amenity sites to be used as garbage segregation and waste processing units, assuring BBMP set up waste management plants of 300 tonne capacity in five sites.

With these efforts from BBMP and some of the really amazing initiatives by SWMRTWe Care for MalleshwaramGreenCommandos etc,. It’s high time we, as responsible Bangaloreans fold our sleeves and get our hands dirty for a better garbage free environment around us.


Diwali Craze !

Some interesting stats about crackers

  • A town called Sivakasi – capital of India’s fire cracker industry with about 9000 contributes to 90% of firecrackers produced in India.
  • Sivakasi sold firecrackers worth more than 1700 crores a week before Diwali.
  • It is believed to be a 5 billion dollar industry over next 5 years in India.
  • Sales of firecrackers are down by 40% in many cities (thanks to Environmentalists and teachers).
  • Many of the firecrackers as much as 20% sold in market are either fake or outdated.
  • Bangalore alone has records of about 500 eye injuries every year due to firecracker accidents.


Harmful effects of crackers

Yes we all have heard about harmful effects of bursting crackers. We know it pollutes air significantly, causes noise pollution  affects the environment in ways we cant imagine, but little do we care about these things during this exciting time of Diwali.

And now there’s a new trend  “going green this diwali”, but so claimed “eco-friendly crackers” are not really eco friendly as they claim.

Noiseless fire crackers may not produce much sound, but the gases released when they are lit may be poisonous causing respiratory and ophthalmological problems.

Some of them especially children may also develop skin rashes and allergies from the chemicals suspended from the firecrackers.

The Diwali Celebrations at Bangalore 2010

How to go Green this Diwali?

The most effective way of celebrating Green Diwali as we all know is by avoiding firecrackers completely.  But you could also light up your home with lots of decorative candles or diyas to give your home a Diwali’s effect. If you can get more creative to celebrate Green Diwali, do take a look at this interesting article here.

Big Picture!!!

We don’t really need to burst firecrackers just to keep the trend going or because everyone is bursting them. Now is the time (perhaps late) to at least look at the big picture and be little more sensitive towards environment and take a wise step towards celebrating pollution less festive season.

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