5 R’s to Go GREEN and Save BIG!!!

Living in a metro city like Bangalore, with so much pollution and garbage everywhere, we all aspire for a greener environment at some point or another. But let’s face it; going green shouldn’t come at an extra expense to us. So here’s a list of very simple things (5 R’s to Go GREEN) that not only cuts on your expenses but might also give you good returns depending on your activity.

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  •       Recycle

1. Waste + Segregation = Compost + MONEY

You can segregate and compost most of your kitchen waste and what’s best, you an even sell it or use it for your own garden. Learn more about segregation here

2. Sell all your e-waste (all useless electronic gadgets and materials) to local vendor

3. You can recycle your newspaper by making small yet simple paper bags out of it. What more, you can also add this as an activity at home and office to spend an hour or so as a fun group activity to get everyone in your family or team involved.

4. Recycle old books: I’m sure we all have bundles of old dusty books and sheets lying in our cupboards from ages. if printed on just one side, you can make us of the other side. if there are blank pages, you can also make your own book. Outdated dairies etc., all this can be used for rough use.

5. Recycle rain water: rain water collected can b used for washing cars, gardening, and toilets and for most purposes where we don’t require soft water.

  •       Re-Use

1. Don’t purchase bottled water, instead buy an inexpensive water bottle and re-use it frequently.

2. Re-use plastic covers again and again as many times as possible, before disposing

3. Re-use old water bottles and plastic containers for planting a small plant, to decorate your window or near your working table/desk with greenery 🙂

4. Re-use your old clothes to make fancy bags, or donate your old clothes to an NGO (MITU in bangalore) where they produce such bags out of good old clothes.

  •       Reduce

1. Unplug when not charging, switch off lights when not in use, take stairs instead of elevators, reduce the use of electricity as much as possible.

2. Take a walk instead of burning fuel for short distances.

3. Plz do switch off your vehicle engine during traffic signals for more than 30 seconds. These will reduce loads loadsof fuel being burnt unnecessarily when vehicle not in use.

  •       Refuse

1. Refuse to use plastic as much as possible and opt for packing which can be easily bio-degradable

2. Refuse to mix all waste at home. Mixing dry waste and wet waste can create a mess so huge we can’t imagine, so its always best to eliminate the mess effectively and segregate at the source.

  •       Renovate

1. Replace all incandescent bulbs by florescent tubes to reduce a great deal of power consumption and renovate your house.

Of course there are lot more ways, if you have implemented any of these on anything new, please do share it with all of us.


6 responses to this post.

  1. Namaste,

    Thanks for 5Rs article, often times people forget about these simple solutions they
    can take part in on a daily basis and save the health of the planet. The 5Rs should
    be on billboards, tv ads, and movies as much as Coca-Cola, or BMW.




  2. Very true Klaren. Its all these little steps which make a bigger impact on our environment. I wish everyone could see this bigger picture and take action.

    Thanks for your support 🙂


  3. what about repair-it used to be the norm in the olden days why have we forgotten that??? thats another R that will save a lot of junk.


    • @Meenakshi, thanks for pointing out about Repair.
      1. The lifecycle of every product have come down drastically these days.
      2. The choice of number of products available for consumers is huge, at competitive prices.
      These reasons have led us to easily discard old products and opt for new ones, without a second thought. We can reduce consumption of significant amount of natural resources by repair and reuse of many products at home, also resulting in less junk 🙂


  4. Posted by Chetan on December 3, 2012 at 9:14 AM

    Petrol is the poison that should be reduced, but that is also very very difficult to control. As far as energy goes, reliance on the conventional electricity can definitely be changed through usage of Solar lightings. I have done this,

    Before going for the Solar lights, I was very very apprehensive of its brightness & did
    lot of research and dilly dallying, but I am glad I have switched 70% of my home lights to solar. I USE THEM EVERYDAY, and literally I do not use conventional power at all.

    I am so excited of my choice that I have planned to switch remaining 30% of my light source to solar.


    • @Chetan, As they say, 1 step of change happens at home, you have rightly demonstrated this by implementing solar lights and switching to non-conventional power.
      I’m sure it can help a lot of readers, if you can share you interesting story of how you switched to solar with more details.

      Thank you


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